We pick up all items for FREE in the Greater Victoria area!

List of Qualifying Items

We buy them all at 50 cents per kilogram
(approx. 25 cents per pound)

We are happy to pick up your broken parts, as well as printers and old computer CRT monitors to recycle them, but cannot pay for them - they generally have no reusable parts.

Sorry we cannot accommodate pickup of any types of CRT (tube style) or projection TVs, please take them directly to the local recycle depot.

electronic trash
Agbogbloshie, Ghana where vast amounts of e-waste
are shipped from the rest of the world

We also do fundraising events for your school, team or group, we set up for 4 hours and all proceeds go to your project. Contact us for details.

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Qualifying Items

Working or Not

  • Desktop Computers
  • Portable Computers

In Working Order

  • All-in-one & Display Products
  • Home Audio/Video Playback and/or Recording Systems
  • Audio Video & Gaming Products
  • Computer & Video Gaming Peripherals
  • Portable Audio Video
  • Aftermarket Vehicle Electronic Products
  • Home Theatre in a Box (HTB) Systems
  • LCD/Plasma T.V.'s
  • Digital Cameras

We employ local students to safely refurbish and resell locally and online, and donate partial proceeds to charity.
recycle electronics
Reduce · Reuse · Recycle


Kind Words and Thank Yous

Thanks again Don for picking up the old computer and stereo pieces! I used to make a trip or two a year to the return it depot on Glanford but now I know to call you and you bring me a few $ for my old stuff! Awesome!!

Hi Don, that sounds great. Thanks again for picking up the printer (barely used!) and I am glad somebody else will make use of it.

Hey Don, just want to thank you again for taking that T.V. away. Its greatly appreciated!

Hi Don, thank you very much for sending me the thank you card and scratch tickets! That was very kind of you! I should be thanking YOU again for picking up those TVs! Hope youre having a great day and enjoy the weekend! With gratitude,


Another community project sponsored by Don St. Germain of Sotheby's International Realty