Ethical computer and electronics recycling in Victoria BC Canada.

FREE pick up in most areas of Greater Victoria.

We PAY YOU 50 cents per kilogram (approx. 25 cents per pound) and re-home to families in need, students and non-profits and divert tonnes of old electronics out of landfill and the smelter.

We use Blancco Drive Eraser to ensure all data is removed before recycling.

CONTACT US before you take your old electronics to the recycle depot!

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computer and electronic recycling victoria bc
Agbogbloshie, Ghana where vast amounts of e-waste
are shipped from the rest of the world

Due to limited storage, we often can not accomodate pickup of TVs (any type including CRT or LCD), printers / copiers / fax machines or scanners (unless working 100%) or UPS / battery backup devices - they generally have no reusable parts and little to no secondary demand. Please note we do not pay for these items.

We also do fundraising events for your school, team or group, we set up for 4 hours and all proceeds go to your project. Contact us for details.

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With your help, we kept over 7200 lbs of electronics out of landfill and the smelter in 2018, and are on track to double it in 2019!


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Qualifying Items

Working or Not

  • Apple & PC, any age:
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Portable Computers
  • Server Computers

In Working Order

  • VCRs & DVD Players/Recorders
  • Gaming Products (Xbox Playstation Nintendo & More)
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Portable Audio/Video
  • Digital Camcorders & Cameras
  • And LOTS MORE!

We employ local students to safely refurbish old computers and electronics, and donate partial proceeds to charity.
computer and electronic recycling victoria bc
Reduce · Reuse · Recycle


Kind Words and Thank Yous

Thanks again Don for picking up the old computer and stereo pieces! I used to make a trip or two a year to the return it depot on Glanford but now I know to call you and you bring me a few $ for my old stuff! Awesome!!

Hi Don, that sounds great. Thanks again for picking up the printer (barely used!) and I am glad somebody else will make use of it.

Hi Don, thank you very much for sending me the thank you card and scratch tickets! That was very kind of you! I should be thanking YOU again for picking up those old electronics! Hope youre having a great day and enjoy the weekend! With gratitude,

A Few of the HUNDREDS of Items We Have Given Away and Re-Homed

computer and electronic recycling victoria bc

computer and electronic recycling victoria bc


Another community project sponsored by Don St. Germain of Sotheby's International Realty